Our meeting in 2011 will take place in the former Cistercian monastery at Volkenroda in Thuringia, in the eastern part of Germany.
The dates will be from Wednesday 23rd – Monday 28th February, and will follow our normal pattern. That is to say, we will start with the evening meal on the Wednesday, and finish with breakfast on Monday morning.

The costs will be as follows:
€175 per person in a double room, of which there will be 20
€275 per person in a single room, of which there will also be 20
In addition, there may be a cost of €20 per person for coffee during the day, plus the cost of transport for any trips we make.
Administration costs will be €110 for those earning more than €1000 a month, and €70 for those earning less.
For those who wish to travel by coach from Frankfurt, there will be a further cost involved. This is likely to be something like €30-€40 return, depending on their being sufficient people travelling. Otherwise, it will be simpler to try to organise a group ticket on the train.

Frankfurt is probably the best option for those coming by plane. It is the easiest and closest large airport to get to Volkenroda.
There is a smaller airport in Erfurt, but this is usually very expensive. Berlin is also possible, but the journey is rather complicated on from there, and I don’t think we will be able to organise more than one bus.
The nearest train station is in a place called Mühlhausen. There are several, so make sure you look up the one in Thüringen – on the German railway search engine, choose the option Bahnhof Bussteig 1, Mühlhausen (Thür).
If you are coming any other way, ask, and I will try to find the relevant information.

We were told that it is rare for there to be snow, and the place is very warm in winter. There will be some walking between buildings. In general, it seems possible to find rooms which are accessible either by lift or without stairs. The food seemed plentiful and tasty!

As already mentioned, Volkenroda is in the heart of Reformation country, near Eisenach and Erfurt. Mühlhausen was the birthplace of Thomas Münster. We are considering at the moment visiting one of these places to examine how they have impacted on the spirituality of this region. At the same time, we are hoping to draw on the Cistercian tradition and the contemporary tradition of the community who now live in the monastery.

Very practically, we now need you to decide if you will be able to come. Please be aware that there will be an absolute maximum of 20 single rooms, and that it will be first come, first served. So, as they say, to avoid disappointment, book early! You can do this via the form on the website. We are holding places until July 4th for members, after which it will be possible for anyone to apply.

We will also need to organise the coach, or rail travel, fairly soon, so it would be good if by the beginning of September you can let me know if you think you are fairly likely to want to make use of a coach to and from Frankfurt. The journey will be around three hours, so we will need to be leaving Frankfurt by around 15:00 on Wednesday, and it would be good not to book return flights before around 13:00 on Monday.

Of course, if you have any questions, please get in touch: 
I will be away for most of July and early August, so if you don’t hear from me, it’s probably because I haven’t seen your e-mail, but write anyway, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Love and prayers

Tim Noble
on behalf of the organising committee


APPLICATION-FORM for Meeting in Volkenroda